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mail and payment, help me ?


On the payment page, where you need to enter PayPal address, appears recommended option for username and password.
How do I delete it from the page so it does not appear to the client?

The second question,
When the customer opens the store page and click on a product he has to go through three pages up to the purchase itself.
How can I shorten this?

Thank you,
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This is Elsa from Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

1. Paypal payment form

I'm sorry the PayPal payment form cannot be edited. It is generated by PayPal payment and it has to be standard for everyone. So you can't edit any other payment processor payment form. They take care of its security and you can't simply edit the fields.

2. The checkout process includes the following default steps:

- Adding email address:
- Adding the shipping address
- Choosing the shipping options
- Choosing the payment option and adding the credit/debit card details.

What step is not required for you and why? Based on the details, I'll be able to look for a solution.


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