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Pure Api for Adding multiple products

We are developing iPhone/Android application where in, we will be showcasing the products directly from our database.

Once we show up the products, product will be added to the cart from the native iphone app itself. User will keep on adding up the product in the cart and this cart will be managed in native iphone application.

Now, once the cart is ready and user wants to simply checkout, is there any way to push multiple items in your webview so that cart is being generated and thereon, user can continue placing up the order?

The reason we cant open the webview on the event of adding up individula product is because once user adds one product and wants to add another one, at that time, the webview browser will be closed and the session will expire, so there wont be any track of previously added items.

Let me know whats the best way to achieve this.


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Unfortunately, there is currently no API that would allow to put products to cart and make a checkout. However, we certainly plan to add such API with one of the future releases of Ecwid.

A possible workaround right now would be to emulate the shopping activity with the requests to the mobile catalog of the Ecwid store in question, but this is an undocumented way of using Ecwid, we cannot guarantee the mobile store from changes in the future. Also, the mobile catalog does not allow to checkout through it if a store is set to require customers to be registered. However, other than that, the mobile store allows full buying experience (selecting product options, adding to cart, putting the addresses, preferred shipping and payment options) and is comprised of conventional HTML pages and forms, which are easy to parse or to emulate, so it may be a way to go for your project.
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I think we found a way out. We have planned to get the product and category data via api and get it ported on the ecwid app for iphone, android and blackberry. So, the category listing page, product list page and product details page will have its own data fetched in json format.

Once thats done, I noticed, if we post the product's add to cart form's data from native app view to mobile view of yours, it does add product to the cart. So, we have planned to run a loop to post product one by one and then get user directly to the checkout page.

Just wanted to share this with you and will update once we achieve this, may be, this can be useful to other users who want to get ecwid as mobile application itself or may be, they want to integrate it in their existing apps.


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