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Moving the Product Details

Hi Everyone,

I want to move the Product details to the left side under the picture, there is a huge gap under the picture. Can anyone help me how to move it there?

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What's up. I'm looking for the same thing too. Have you ever found it?
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yes. I did this:

1) Go to Ecwid control panel
2) Below select Design (under Configuration)
3) On the right top it says "Edit Theme"

4) After Edit theme select add new css theme

5) Copy and paste this:

To the Theme name part: Tabs

Below to the blank area:

.ecwid {
$bg-color: #eee;
$bg-color-active: #fff;
$border-color: #ccc;
$tabs-count: 3;
.tabs {
margin-bottom: 20px;
.tabs__input {
display: none;
.tabs__link {
background: $bg-color;
border: 1px solid $border-color;
float: left;
font-weight: 600;
padding: 5px 10px;
margin-right: -1px;
margin-bottom: -1px;
&:hover {
background: darken($bg-color, 10%);
.tabs__content {
border: 1px solid $border-color;
clear: both;
display: none;
padding: 10px;
transition: opacity 200ms ease-out;
@for $i from 1 through $tabs-count {
.tabs__input:checked:nth-of-type(#{$i}) ~ .tabs__link:nth-of-type(#{$i}) {
background: $bg-color-active;
border-bottom-color: $bg-color-active;
@for $i from 1 through $tabs-count {
.tabs__input:checked:nth-of-type(#{$i}) ~ .tabs__content:nth-of-type(#{$i}) {
display: block;
.ecwid-productBrowser-details-descr .tabs__link {
box-sizing: border-box;
width: 100% / $tabs-count;
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