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Customer Group - retal wholesale option

How can we help you?

We are looking at creating a site for retail and wholesale with 1800 products. The wholesale prices aren't always the same percentage off so I am unable to add a customer group. If I use the hide category suggestion then I will need to double my product allowance to 3600 products which is an extra £64 +VAT a month.We don't want to go higher than the £32 a month option

Our final thought was could be set it up as a wholesale site BUT have a customer group which is retail? The thing is this group would need to have a percentage added on. Is this possible?

Thank you
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Hi Sarah,

First of all, I should mention that you can set retail and tiered pricing for the same product with help of the Bulk Pricing feature. By default, both are shown to every store visitor in the right panel on Product Details page, like in the screenshot below:
and every buyer will be able to take advantage of bulk purchasing in your store.

If you’d like to hide wholesale pricing, you can use Customer Groups in order to assign your wholesale customers to some group (say, VIP) and specify a discount available only to signed-in customers belonging to that group. But a discount amount ($ or %) for a customer group will be the same for all the products in this case because a customer group discount is set globally across the store. Also, a group discount will be applied when a customer from that group will reach the shopping cart page (until this moment he will see regular prices in the store).

Other solutions are based on duplicating the product catalog:

* You can duplicate products and associate these duplicates with a separate category with which you can do the following:

- you can hide this category from the general public. You will be able to send out the direct link to this category to your wholesale customers by email so that they can visit it and shop there.

- or you can create a password-protected page in your website builder and then add this special category to thas page as a default category.

* You can use two different Ecwid stores (retail and wholesale ones) on different site pages.

I should also mention that, if you decide to use two separate Ecwid stores, it is possible to synchronize inventory between stores with help of API if products (and product variations if you use them) have the same SKU in both stores. We can help you with the development of this functionality within our paid customization service upon your request. If one of your stores will be on the Unlimited plan, you will be able to use 12 development hours that come with it towards such a custom functionality.

As for extra charges for retail customers, like you’ve suggested, they can’t be added, i’m afraid.

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Ecwid Team
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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