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Default WePay feedback

Use Paypal, Stripe. Anything besides WePay

Stripe offers details and offers reasons on why the payment was declined in the first place.

STRIPE also shows where the credit card originates so you can prevent fraud if the credit card is from another country, They provide the buyers I.P address for geolocations to make sure the billing/shipping line up and ensures all merchants and buyers are safe with the tools they provide.

WePay will decline legitimate customers who have used the same Discover charge card for years without any problems elsewhere and has ordered any amount worth of hardware over the years according to my customer who is an older gentlemen consultant that I've spoken to personally on the phone. WePay will offer no support to call or live chat and hardly offer us any tools as sellers to prevent orders and instead have to rely on an incompetent risk team

Its frustrating to say the least as the first time small seller and I have to have my Buyers pay through the Western Union until I get another real payment processor...

I was able to verify my seller's information in a matter of minutes and WePay somehow can't even successfully do that...

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It is a real shame, Because these BUYERS are leads from EBAY with 5 star ratings

so I know they are the real deal.

I had my customers re-order with the same discover card too and waiting to find out today if WePay will actually pay out or be a joke.

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Thanks for the first-hand experience! I used to use Stripe, but now I'm in search of alternatives. I recently read an article where WePay was named simple and safe (https://financesonline.com/top-10-al...way-providers/), but now I'm thinking the good old PayPal.

Thanks again, Regi
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This is Ecwid customer care. My name is Charlie.

I'm sorry to hear you feel that way about WePay.

The situation described in this thread in the first post is quite unfortunate, I should say. In short, there were two orders: one was declined, as customer's credit card did not get through, and the second transaction (order) was under review by WePay's Trust and Safety team. That transaction was never declined. Transactions may stay in a "Pending" state before "Completed", if WePay is reviewing a transaction for risk purposes — that is true (WePay's terms of service).

It may take 1-2 business days for the first couple of transactions to undergo a review from the Trust and Safety team. That is simply for fraud protection. Some payment gateways might have this only on automatic, but WePay has a whole team of associates just for the purpose of hand-checking the transaction (only the first batch on the account).

In any way, you are free to use other payment methods supported in Ecwid (Stripe being amongst those). Please, review the whole list of supported gateways: https://support.ecwid.com/hc/en-us/a...portedgateways

Thank you very much for the feedback, and happy selling!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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