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Default How to set up product variations to sync with StitchLabs Variants?

How to set up product Variations/Variations in Ecwid to sync with StitchLabs Variants?

We sell apparel that have size and color variants. We need to sync inventory with Stitch at their variant level. So if an item (small/blue) sell in Ecwid it is deducted from inventory in Stitch automatically. Also if we sell that item via Stitch itself the item is deducted from Ecwid's available inventory. I cannot seem to make this work!!! Obviously this is a basic and critical component of Stitch's Inventory management system among their integration partners as surely we are not the only ones selling items with variants!

I would like to see a screen shot of a Ecwid variation format using sizes (XS-XXL) and perhaps 3 colors and how you would create the SKU's.