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[QUOTE=JoanRodriguez;96440]Hello Ecwid team.

Currently I have hired two Ecwid stores, all in the Silver Plan, each handling a different discount store, but I met the application "Client Group". Whereupon I decided to move one of my stores to the Business Plan and test the application. I charm and is perfect for me. Now I want to cancel a store, but I want to know, how do I export my customer data from one store to the other?.

Forgive me, I'm from Colombia and I speak little English, my native language is Spanish.

I appreciate your great help.

[B]Joan Rodríguez[/B][/QUOTE]

I know that you discussed this question with our support team via chat. I'll summarize our replies here, perhaps it will be useful for other users.

This article [url][/url] explains how import and export works in Ecwid. Unfortunately, import of customers is not supported yet.
We plan to improve the import tool, however there is no exact ETA. Please vote for this idea to get this functionality sooner: [url][/url]

There is a workaround with use of Single sign on API: [url][/url]
if you have registration and login system on your website.
With this feature, those who have account on your site will automatically get an account in your Ecwid store as soon as they visit the store. To implement this API, you will need to put some code on your site. So it will require programming skills, you may want to hire a programmer for this task.
Lana W.
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