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Default WP: Why does specific page get opened in background when shopping bag link is clicked?

Alright this is with a wordpress install and you can see it happening here:

on the right hand side i have the shopping bag widget there.. If you click on it it will do the lightbox thing and open it up but in the background it will always load this page in the background.

Why is it loading anything in the background, why isn't it just loading ./#ecwid and saving my visitors the time of having a new page loaded and then the box popping up?

I have my store url blank in my settings here because I am running this store on multiple sites and dont want visitors taken to one specific store front everytime they are shopping. They need to stay on the site they are on. If I change the store url to then it properly loads that in the background when the users are in their bag and whatnot but if it is blank then it will ALWAYS load that same page, no matter what I do.. I've tried changing the order it has associated with it, i've tried changing it's publish date, I have no idea why ecwid is choosing that page amongst all of the others.

So ideally I would like to figure out how to have the card not load any page int he background when the js is called, ie from clicking the shopping bag link, but if that is humanly impossible then how can I change which page is loaded in the background? If I knew what criteria ecwid was using to select that page I could modify my ./store/ page attribute so it would choose that one.

Thanks for your help