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Thank you for contacting us!

Since we do not have Paxum as a built-in payment gateway, there are several ways to approach your dilemma:

Custom integration: Paxum

If Paxum supports SIM, you can emulate its work. Please, refer to this article for more details:

Also, custom payment gateway can be integrated to your Ecwid store with the Ecwid API:
Please, notice that this way of integration requires advanced technical skills.

If you need technical assistance, you can fill out this form: and our Customisation team engineers will be glad to help you develop a solution (if there is any), on a paid basis.

Offline payment method

You can set up an offline payment method — wire transfer. Leave your account details, and customers will pay you like that. So, when an offline payment is used, no actual payment is supposed to take place at checkout. Instead of it, a customer is informed of how to transfer money to a seller and whom and how to contact after the payment.

Please, read more about it in this article:

Browse through payment options

You can browse through payment options, that we offer. I'm sure, that some of them have tolerance to adult products. You would need to look into their terms of service to know for sure, that you won't be in violation.

Please, browse through our payment options here:

Hope, this helps!
Ecwid Customer Care Team