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i must return to apologize. it took time for the wembaster central and the products domains from google to synchronize the fact i had verified the site
All works fine now.

I still think that ecwid would profit by a more user friendly access to these problems, but i understand the security issues and also the copyright issue with code spying etc, so considering ecwids advantages and the fact i know how to code or hack code, its not too bad. The seo thing is great for non-lazy writers because instead of the products coming up as content text in google, you can write specific pages and posts that are keyword tuned and insert the whole shop with targeted marketed products (show a default category) at the bottom of each individually customed page! This is absolutely brilliant because it gets rid of googles double content issue which is stupid really because a good post gets copied and pasted all over the world wide web, so double content is actually proof of powerful posting. What they should use as a search criteria instead is view the rank and importance of the pages with that post and find the earliest ever posting of it, and rank those higher. This is probably what they do, as well as checking if content is double on same domain or other domain and if link is follow or no follow (most are follow unless the governing software controls it).

Google lies to us anyway on the double content punishment criteria, they can not employ such a basic double content ranking punishment algorythm - it would take all major news flashes out of the game instantly!