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sounds like my grandma will easily understand all that for her online quilt shop

paid versions should never never ever require the user to be an xml coder.
Ecwid, you expect too much.
Why dont you just remove these 'goodies' that dont work effectively ? in the end you are just frustrating your users and making ecwid seem less compatible and less attractive.

I just spent an hour and a half trying to verify my site and even verified with webmaster tools the feed on that i enter (with my store id added) is picked up but stated as not veriefed because my site isnt verifdied and i should go to dashboard and see. I go and it says 'verified' so i go back to my merchant center feeds page and it says not verified. Then it also says 0 of 400+ products inserted
i tried with usa and australia didnt work but the german one does

i cant stand this www3c thing that everyone makes these requirements for xml strict rules including google, then you open googles you tube and see the iframe has returned as an embed code! xxxx me how can google enforce xml standards then take the opne most unaccepted tag of all code tags and use it for their most used domain 'you tube'??

thye reason im digressing into this is because the obvious cause of this feed problem with adding google product search to our ecwid seo campaigning methods, is that the idiots at google dont increase compatibility, and that 3 of the 45 people who work on the software for ecwids feed software dont know their xml grammar properly or are too lazy to include all the propery tags such as product weight, product type etc

anyway for free verisons of open source stuff there would be no issue, but for a paid version to pur faulty things that dont work on your 'goodies' page is like putting rotten fruit on the market stall