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Yes, currently Ecwid does not allow to input all three required identifiers, and you can input only SKU. Also at the moment Ecwid doesn't have a built in way to export products to Google Product Search, and merchants are to use the 3rd party unofficial tools. Unfortunately, none of the tools supports the said requirement for 3 identifiers and the missing ones need to be added later on.

For example, you can always use a UPC, EAN, or JAN code as your SKU and add the other missing identifiers into the files as separate parameters.

To do this, you need to use the 'Generator of tab-delimited files' way of importing your products to Google Product Search, as described here: , pt.2. You need to go throught the steps of creating a tab-delimited file. After you get the resulting file itself, you need to open it in a spreadsheet program like OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel. In the dialog of import choose tab delimiter and UTF-8 encoding. You will see the products feed as a table

Then in the spreadsheet program add the columns with identifiers that you need and save the file. The spreadsheet program will ask you to change the format, but you need to keep the current format (tab-delimited text). This file can be successfully imported into Google Product Search according to their new requirements.
It is also possible to add the missing identifiers with a custom written automation script instead of using spreadsheet program.

If you prefer to use the other tool that exports products into xml feed, you need to contact the author of that tool to have it modified accordingly.