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Originally Posted by Ken Watts View Post
Thank you. Are there any tricks we can do to avoid having a category name in the link address? In this case I see "mod kits" in the address.

Having that causes the cart tab to read "mod kits". It would be great if we could get it to read "Watts shopping bag" or something like that.
I have inspected your site and storefront and as far as I can see you embedded Ecwid storefront on different webpages showing different categories as default using this method

Since there is no one storefront on page 'store' for example - your cart URL will always be different depending on what page your customers added products to their bags, but it is still one shopping cart page on your site. That's why you see "mod kits" wording in your cart URL, since I proceeded to the cart page from mod kits html page.

In order if you would like to get rid off "mod kits" wording in your cart URL - I suggest you integrate Ecwid storefront on separate page called "store" for example (but do not add this page to your site menu), add products in your sopping bag on that page and proceed to the cart page. Then you will be able to copy this cart URL (it will be something like!/~/cart) and create a separate button on your site that will lead your customers on the cart page.

Hope this helps.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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