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Default New: Rocker Covers for Ecwid Starter Sites

You saw it in Facebook, you use it in Twitter, now you can have the same thing in Ecwid too! Have you ever wanted to place a custom cover picture into your Ecwid Starter Site? It is now as easy as copy and paste with Rocker Covers from

Ecwid includes a handy feature called Starter Site - for many users this feature allows opening their online store without creating a website or a Facebook page. But while Facebook and many otheк social networks allow their users to upload a cover picture, the customization of Ecwid Starter Sites was only limited to your CSS themes and logo.

Getting your own cover picture shown at the top took too much effort with Ecwid - you had to find, crop and convert the picture, then upload it somewhere to the web and comprise a CSS code to show it on your Ecwid Starter Site.

That doesn't have to be that difficult anymore! Introducing Rocker Covers from - a copy+paste approach to showing a cover image on your Ecwid Starter Site. We prepare and host cover images and bring the CSS codes to you - you just copy and paste those into your Ecwid CSS theme.

Rocker Covers are sold in packs, so you get a few pictures to choose from. We size the pictures up to Full HD resolution (as big as most of modern flat screen TVs), but at the same time we keep the file size below 200 KB, so that it get displayed quickly for your visitors. We also host all images in our CDN all the time and at no additional cost.

All images are royalty free and require no attribution, so you can have them at no additional costs and no promotion for some other guys.

What is also important is that Rocker Cover you use is just an addition to your Ecwid CSS theme, it does not replace your CSS theme, so you can still use any of our Ecwid themes along with any Rocker Cover.

Each Rocker Cover pack also includes a bunch of tips (with ready to use CSS code) to alter the look of your Ecwid Starter Site even further, so you can customize like a pro!

Take your Ecwid Starter Site to the next step.

Unlimited access subscribers naturally get the access to all Rocker Cover packs, too.

Haven't found a Rocker Cover pack you looked for? Our team continues to add more Rocker Cover packs to cover all sorts of Ecwid stores. Let us know by replying here what pictures you would like to see.

(Screenshot on the top shows a Rocker Cover from Tesselation pack)
Check out our latest ready-made designs for Ecwid:

Termion | Helata | Martina

Get 1 year of access to all our current and future themes.

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