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Originally Posted by river View Post

Sorry for the delay with reply.
I've been investigating the issue trying to print invoices with different printers. Yet, I was not able to reproduce neither the issue with squares nor wide margins. The invoices were printed as expected in every attempt.
I assume that there are some issues on the side of either browser or printer. Could you please describe which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.) you used while experiencing these printing issues and what 2 printers were those (brand)?
Looking forward to your reply!
hi River
OK the set ups...
At home I use Firefox v40.0.2. the printing "fails" on this. I have used Chrome V44.0.24 and it "works" I just dont like Chrome! The printer at home is a Dell 2130 colour laser with duplexer unit. I have full blown Adobe and Firefox/PDF fails too but Chrome/PDF is ok.
At work I have used IE11 and Chrome V44 with a Canon colour laser (dont remember the model but its a big multi tray A3/A4 office scanner/printer/fax) Seems to work ok with this. So it sounds like Firefox might be the issue?!
What best to do?