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Originally Posted by rod.keen View Post
Hi River,
This has been very frustrating. I have attached a screen shot of the end of the 1st page and the start of the 2nd. The 2nd page is full of these amber squares and the top of the 3rd too. I have used the print invoice button as well as the see details and printed from that as well. Both produce the same 3 page results.
Many thanks for your help

I'm sorry for the delay with reply.

I have checked the screenshot and tried to reproduce the issue on our printer, but to no avail. The invoice is printed just the way it displays in the Ecwid Control Panel after you hit the "Print invoice" button.

As far as I can tell from looking at the preview of the invoice, Ecwid generates it normally. See the screenshot:

Could you please also try using another printer as a test to help us locate the issue?

Looking forward to your reply!
Roman I.
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