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Originally Posted by Realm Dynamics View Post
I have read all the forum posts but none really address this. My categories column streams off the page in my embed. Since I will be using the store as an affiliate embed I need the store categories to appear like the starter site here remaining categories are listed as "5 more" versus on this page categories just run over.

Thank you for you attention in this matter.

I’m very sorry you have faced this issue.

The thing is that the Horizontal Categories widget is not yet responsive, unfortunately. We are still making some adjustments to the Product Browser widget and when it’s absolutely fine and dandy, we’ll get straight to the Horizontal categories menu’s responsiveness.

For now, I can suggest you creating different custom buttons or a custom menu on your website and linking each button to one of the categories in your store.

Also, you may want using the Vertical Categories widget and see if it suits your needs:
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