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Default Variations Problem

Hi there,

I cant work out how to do this so please let me know;

I have a product called "Le Creuset Shallow Casserole"

There is two colours: Cerise, and Slate.

There are two sizes: 30cm, and 26cm.

Cerise comes in both 30cm and 26cm size.

Slate comes in only the 30cm size.

I am trying to find a way to include both Colour and size options in one product. The problem I am having is that when the user selects the "Slate" colour, the user still see the option to select the 26cm size.

I want to hide the 26cm option automatically when the user selects the "Slate" Colour.

An example of this is on the Le Creuset website:

Notice how the "Volcanic" colour has both the 26cm and 30cm sizes available, where as the "Slate" colour only has the 30cm size.

Please let me know