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Originally Posted by BN_ View Post
I've set up an product which in my case is an ticket.

I've got 'day' option and 'type'

Weekend Pass

Family Pass

I've been setting up the combos and prices with no problem but when it comes to the Weekend pass I need it to only have the option of Family pass.

Saturday > Kids, Adults or Family
Sunday > Kids, Adults or Family
Weekend Pass > Family only

I can't a way to do it, is it possible?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to restrict you customers to combine only certain options. What you can do is create the possible variations, and for those you don’t provide (Weekend Pass > Kids and Weekend Pass > Adults) set “Out of stock” status for them. So that when I customer chooses, for example, Weekend Pass > Adults options, he won’t be able to add it to the cart. You can also change the “Out of stock” label for, let’s say “Unavailable” and place information about weekend offer somewhere on your site.
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