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Originally Posted by Jamon Abercrombie View Post
thanks q,
for their needs, they need it to update nearly real-time. they want to minimize the chance for online users ordering something they don't have on-hand in the physical store.
Currently this is only partially possible. You can request the quantity of your products at the moment via our Product API ( ), but there is no notifications on new orders or inventory updates and you cannot remotely update the Ecwid's inventory (this can be done only manually or with imports, but again attendance is required and it is not quite real-time).

You can also monitor a mail box with a script, that parses your Ecwid admin e-mail notifications (they can be specially changed in the Ecwid control panel for easier parsing), and triggers a Product API request and an update on the off-site inventory database.

Product API is currently read-only, which prohibits merchants from remote updates. In the future releases we are planning to upgrade our Product API, so that it becomes remotely writeable. Also the Orders and WebHooks API will appear, so you can have callbacks upon new orders and request their details and update the database outside Ecwid on these events.