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Hello Laurie,

Alexandra here, Ecwid team. Thank you for your message!

I have inspected your store (ID 7224053), its settings and the mentioned order #51. As I see, in the Tax & Shipping tab of the product (SKU 440012) you've set "Global rates + Fixed rate per item".

The fixed rate which you specify here can be added only on top of the shipping cost calculated in accordance with your global shipping settings. But the thing is, that at the moment there are no shipping settings in your store at all (you can check it in your Control Panel → Settings → Shipping and Pickup). This is the reason why Ecwid couldn't calculate the shipping cost: there are no global rates, thus the fixed rate in addition to it couldn't be applied correctly.

I have another catalog item that the Global rates + fixed rate per item works just fine.
I have taken a look at another order (#41) and the product which was ordered (SKU 440044). As I see from its settings, it has "Fixed rate per item" (which doesn't depend on global settings in any way).

This is why the shipping charge has been applied in this case.

I hope this explains the situation. For more information about shipping, please refer to the article in our Help Portal: Shipping. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write back.
Alexandra Scully,
Ecwid Customer Care Team