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Originally Posted by Justin Killeen View Post
Hmm..would any of those solutions address my issues with paypal? The credit card checkout works fine and thats through paypal and integrated within the site. The paypal checkout redirects to that same error page. I wouldnt mind taking just credit cards but when using paypal payments advanced, paypal express is automatically enabled. I dont want to habe to revert back to paypal payments standard where everything is sent off of my site. Thanks for your time on this! Paypal is definitely the major concern. As of now, I cant even take orders.
Those solutions allow overcome the issue with using Ecwid URLs in Ning. They don not have anything to do with PayPal.

Can you please further explain what troubles do you have with PayPal now? I've checked it on your site - both Express Checkout and the PayPal Advanced work fine as far as I can see: .

Please let us know what exactly you think currently prevents your customers from placing orders.
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