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Originally Posted by Onica van Heusden View Post
Hi there,

nice and simple software! As for the free plan it's not logical that you can't change the order number. It is one of the most important things every shopowner needs to work with a functional shop. If you use Ideal or something else it's important that you can at least change the order number manual or give it an extra character so it matches you administration.

I understand ofcourse that you want to offer store owners more "premium" options like for instance use the API to connect to your store and change the order number. And that you provide these in the paid versions. That's fine. But not changing the order number manually is strange. And results in that shopowner have a shop that gives them far more administrative work, which is not likeable.

Thank you for feedback and kind words about Ecwid. We appreciate it.

First of all let me explain how it is possible to change order number in Ecwid.
“By default, order id's are the numbers starting from 1, which are incremented for each order. Ecwid paid users have the ability to change what their Order IDs look like for their customers and increase them if necessary. So if you don’t want to start with order #1 and want to appear as a mature online store for your customers, you can increase it to #1000 in a few clicks.
The Order ID can be changed on the "System Settings → General → Cart" page, (the "Order Settings" section).
Also you can add a prefix or suffix to your IDs, so they can look like “MY-STORE-1000-2011″. Where “MY-STORE” and “2011″ are prefixes/suffixes set up in your Ecwid backend. For example, this feature is helpful if you have numerous Ecwid stores and want to differentiate your orders.

So basically your Order ID has the following format: PREFIX-NUMBER-SUFFIX
where, PREFIX and SUFFIX are static parts and can be empty. NUMBER always remains and is increased incrementally with each order automatically.

(From “orders” article in our knowledge base:

As I understand you want to change number for each order separately (e.g. to set “28” for one order and “78” for the next one).
As you can see from the explanation above, for now it is not possible at all, neither in free version nor paid.

If you think such functionality should be in Ecwid, we’ll be glad to see your suggestion in our Ideas Base:
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