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I'm Dexter from Ecwid Customer Care team. Thank you for sharing your feedback here! We really appreciate you taking the time to it.

I'm extremely sorry to hear that you've got those feelings and I would like to address your concerns one by one:

How you have set up your "Free" apps to work only under your subscription plans is what we call "Bait And Switch" here in the west.
All the apps in Ecwid (free or paid) require upgrading to one of the premium plans (except for the payment gateway apps, they can be installed on the Free plan as well).

I see your point and I believe we should think of placing the notice about this somewhere easier to get to. Thanks for bringing our attention to it!

I shouldn't have spent as much time as I now have setting up through your system's builder only to hit your deceptive roadblock at the very end.
I'm sorry to hear that! Setting up a store should be fast and intuitive and we always try to provide it. In case if you need assistance, please, feel free to reach out to our Live Chat at this link. You can talk to a real human to get help. We'd love to chat with you!

Thanks for your feedback! You help us change the things to make it simpler for everybody. I will forward your thoughts to our Product Management team and they'll review it.

If you have questions, please, reach out to us via our Live Chat or at We'll be happy to assist!