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Default Facebook and ECWID

How can we help you?

Please provide the link to your storefront:

How can we help you?

Please provide the link to your storefront

Hello everyone, over the last number of years I've been trying to break into having an online webstore with mixed results. I had started out selling traditional shaving products using a web store on Weebly, but left that in favor of selling sunglasses which has worked for me in the local town markets, but I'm still struggling with the online store.

First off I have my url for pointed to my ECWID starter page taking a "Keep It Simple" approach. However, when watching YouTube videos there is a lot of hype about using WordPress with plugins like Yoast, etc.

I set up a Facebook Page for my business and connected it to my ECWID site using the tools they provide. My theory was that, with the vast number of users on Facebook, that would be as good a place to build a site as anywhere right. Then I read comments about how that Facebook is over saturated and how that not everything is indexed to show up in Google search results, although I understand that Facebook Notes are, it seems everyone has an opinion.

How does ECWID handle SEO, is it automatic? Seeing that there isn't a lot to do with your ECWID site other than list your products, it can sit pretty idle while waiting for sales. Does this inactivity cause you to slide further down Google search results.

Here's what I would like to know:
1. Has anyone else successfully stuck with the ECWID Starter site and used a Facebook Business Page in place of a site on WIX, etc?
2. Are there any good resources that delve into the finer details of how ECWID works?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!