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Originally Posted by Dailysafe View Post
Still not in Google after 4 weeks...
Sorry for keeping you waiting for a reply. By default, Google Crawlers can execute Javascript, in other words, they index AJAX content and thus Ecwid stores are indexed automatically unless something prevents Google Crawlers from this (f.ex., links to store in robots.txt file, but this is not your case). But sometimes additional steps are needed.

Look, Google indexes your Ecwid product pages. If you enter a search request as, you will see there are 33 results for products in your store:

This means that there is nothing in Ecwid preventing your store from indexing. Ecwid store is based on one webpage and if Googlebot can access category pages, it can access the rest of the store as well. To our great regret, we cannot influence Googlebot from Ecwid side, since Google is a separate service (like any other search service). Basically a website owner should use special tools to get a website indexed. We do not have any access to these tools here in Ecwid. However, here is what can be done in your case.

I have checked your sitemap. The direct links to your products are missing there. You could add the links and thus make your site indexed better.

To get links to all of your products at once, you can export them all from your Ecwid store, but export not all info about them -- only product URLs. For this you should go to your Ecwid Control Panel -> Catalog -> Products and press Export all link. In the opened popup you should deactivate all fields but one, Product URL. Thus you will get a file with the links to all of your products. You can use this file for sitemap creation.

By the way, J-26 offers a new free app for sitemap creation - Sitemap Generator, feel free to use it in your store.

There are also helpful tips on how to get your site indexed described in these articles:

I hope this helps you. If you need any other assistance, please feel free to contact us.