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Originally Posted by Group Qube View Post
I have a similar issue to this but this code (modified for french and for the "checkout" buttong) did not resolve it. If I inspect the element using chrome I don't see the "html#ecwid_html body.ecwid-lang-it" css element so it loads my english custom button and not my french one.

I currently call my french language storefront via the "&lang=LOCALE_CODE" code in my store script. Does this make a difference.


UPDATE: The css code displayed above seems incorrect. I used "html#ecwid_html body#ecwid_body-lang-fr" instead and if I call it manually using chrome element inspection it loads my custom image. So my issue is why is my french page displaying the ecwid_body element instead of the ecwid_body-lang-fr element.

I’ve checked your store. The code you use to display the “Checkout” button in the French storefront contains errors. Here is the corrected code you should use:

/* The "Payer" button in up state */
body.ecwid-lang-fr div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-checkoutButton-up, 
body.ecwid-lang-fr div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-checkoutButton-up-hovering { background: transparent url( no-repeat top center !important; }  
/* The "Payer" button in down state */ 
body.ecwid-lang-fr div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-checkoutButton-down, 
body.ecwid-lang-fr div.ecwid-productBrowser-cart-checkoutButton-down-hovering { background: transparent url( no-repeat bottom center !important; }
If you need to adjust the other custom buttons to storefront in French, just add the highlighted part of the code to the codes of your custom buttons in your Ecwid CSS theme.
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