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Originally Posted by Paolo Lapi View Post

1. address of the shop is

2. all of the buttons have been traslated via css "background-image" tag, as described here:

3. adding english translation (just italian has been done, at the moment) should be enough

4. needed translations are:
add_to_bag-trans.png > add to cart
checkout-trans.png > checkout
continue_shopping-trans.png > continue shopping
place_order-trans.png > place order

Thank you very much!


Thank you for the details.
Ecwid is available in a variety of languages, which means that you don’t have translate your storefront into English, it’s already been translated. After you enable/disable the desired languages on the “System Settings > General > Languages” of your control panel, the language of the store interface will be changed automatically depending on the setting of your customer’s browser. Please, refer to the “Translation” article for details.

Concerning the custom Italian translation of the “Add to bag” button, I suggest you doing the following. You should change the CSS code you inserted into Ecwid CSS theme, so that this custom button would be seen only when the storefront is in Italian, so that you could use the built-in translations without any complications. This is the code you should use:

/* button "aggiungi al carrello" (pag. dettaglio prodotto) */
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-up,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-up-hovering,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-ie6-up,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-ie6-up-hovering {
background: transparent url( no-repeat top center !important;
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-down,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-down-hovering,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-ie6-down,
body.ecwid-lang-it div.ecwid-AddToBagButton-ie6-down-hovering {
background: transparent url( no-repeat bottom center !important;
It is the same code, you used to activate your custom button with a small update. The highlighted part is what has been added to your code, this addition makes your custom “Add to Bag” button appear on the Italian storefront only. So if you need to adjust the rest of your custom buttons to storefront in the Italian language, all you need to do is add this part of the code to the existing codes in your Ecwid CSS theme.
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