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Default Custom "On Sale" box

I am loving the On Sale feature and how we can use custom CSS to have to appear in a box that looks like a label. (Thank you SO much for your great work with ECWID it's really awesome for us web developers)

Regarding the positioning of that label / box, the CSS that ECWID directed us to utilise uses a negative top margin. This looks great EXCEPT, that it must take its measurement from END of the product label text.. because when you have multiple products on the same page, and some product titles are on one line, some wrap to 2 lines, the On SALE label is in a different position, because it must be talking it's positioning from where the text label finishes..

Please see this page to see what I mean:

These 4 images are EXACTLY the same size.. However just one of the products has a title that does NOT spill over to the second line - and this is causing the ON SALE label to be in a different position to the rest.

This is not a massive issue BUT, if you are someone who likes things to look neat and consistent this is not ideal...

Is there another way to set the positioning of this label so that this inconsistency does not occur?

Thanks SO much, Kirstie