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Originally Posted by Thais Zoe View Post
Hi Lana,

I couldn't get expanded shipping to work by adding a 3rd zone.
However, I did something else that seems simpler, and I think I can get it working with a little more help from you.

I adjusted my existing "zones" to:
US Contiguous > All US states EXCEPT Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico and USVI
US Expanded > ONLY Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico and USVI

I also assigned a $0 flat rate to US Contiguous and a $9 flat rate to US Expanded.

For "shipping" I assigned the:

US Contiguous zone to Free Shipping in the Contiguous US
and the
US Expanded Zone to Alaska, Hawai, Puerto Rico and USVI

When I test the checkout and enter a California shipping address it gives me the US Contiguous zone for $0, which is correct.

However, when I test the checkout and enter a Hawaii shipping address it gives me the US Expanded zone, for $0, instead of $9.

This seems to be the only hiccup remaining with my shop before I launch Wednesday.
I hope we can get it solved prior to them.

I've checked your Ecwid settings. All your products have shipping freight setting enabled with 'Free' option. With this setting each product has individual shipping and disregards the shipping rates that you configured in System Setting -> Shipping. That's why when you try to buy from a US Expanded region you still receive $0 shipping.

So to solve this, you should update your products this way:
- Catalog -> Products -> open the product page -> tab 'Tax and Shipping'
- choose 'Use Global Settings'
- click 'Save'.

You can keep the shipping freight option as 'Free' for those products that you want to ship for free to all your zones.
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