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I've examined your Ecwid shop. You configured shipping rightly so there're two shipping methods: one is free shipping for USA only, the other one for these 4 states with flat rate $9.
But on checkout customers from Alaska, Hawaii, USVI or Puerto Rico should receive two shipping choices: free shipping and $9 flat rate.
It is because you have two zones right now:
- Alaska, Hawaii, USVI or Puerto Rico
- USA covering all states including the above four
So these zones are cross-related, customer from e.g. Alaska is considered from both zones hence get two shipping methods.

To solve this, you should do the following:

1. Add one more zone with the following parameters:
Country - USA
States - all states except for Alaska, Hawaii, USVI an Puerto Rico

(It's necessary to keep the current USA zone and create a new one because you might have taxes that will be applied to all the US states. In this case your current USA zone will be the right one to use)

2. Assign this new zone to shipping method "FREE shipping in the USA"

By the way, shipping method Alaska, Hawaii, USVI & Puerto Rico is disabled right now in Ecwid control panel, System Settings -> Shipping page. Please make sure it's enable when you start testing shipping.
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