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Default Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, USVI & Puerto Rico

I am using the updated shipping and have (several times) set up zones and shipping correctly, as far as I can tell, but it is not reflected in my shopping cart.

I want to ship Flat Fee FREE to contiguous US and a Flat Fee $9 to Hawaii, Alaska, USVI and Puerto Rico.

I first set up the ZONES and then under Shipping defined METHODS (Free & $9) then selected by zones "US" and "US Expanded." It shows the latter under shipping methods as $9.00, but when I get to check out it shows that shipping is $0.00 and cannot be calculated until an address is selected. That makes sense. But, I click the asterisked change button, then select US: Virgin Islands, and the box pops up a Hawaii, Alaska, USVI and Puerto Rico option, but at $0.00 NOT at $9.00

How do I correct this? What am I missing? I feel that I've tried EVERYTHING!


Thank you...
Thais Zoe