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Hello Again,

I am seeing by your reply that you may not have taken into account all the happenings that were associated to the bugs I experienced. The two you mention here around shipping were actually the last of many bugs to appear for me. I believe this is not fixed just yet.

What is still not working for me- Right now I have my main shipping carrier as FedEx. I also have UPS selected and both of those rates are still NOT showing up in my shopping cart. This was the initial problem for me that the rates I had selected were not showing up in my cart. Please read the previous post or questions submitted to support to see more details. The fact that they then randomly de-selected themselves happened much later when the glitches started occurring.

I also, I had the following additional bugs happen:

1) Making changes to an image in a category and, even though it was clearly saved, it then revering back to the previous image at a later time

2) Changes made to the description in a category that did the same thing - saved it but then it reverted.

3) I also recently changed the "Open bag when "Add to bag" is clicked" option in the "system settings". It worked when I activated it but no does not seem to be working. Not sure if this is related but I just noticed it.

These glitches were and are happening for me in Safari, Firefox, and Opera running Mac OS 10.7.5. I cleared the caches in the browsers and the shipping options are still not showing on any browser. So I believe it is NOT me or my browsers but the actual store and coding in Ecwid.

So PLEASE understand there is still some issues happening that I hope will be addressed this weekend. I was planning to launch my store today but looks like I will need to wait until this gets resolved. I will be off line until Sunday so am praying you give this more attention and you look at ALL the glitches that I experienced because I believe "the bug" you were working on is not restricted to just the shipping methods!

Thank You,

~ Antonio ~