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Originally Posted by Saulius K. View Post
I need help with variations. My problem is that if I adding variations pictures - it is displayed in the checkout window. So for example when people ordering cabin and choosing different roof colour or oven - it is displayed in the checkout instead of the main product picture. My clients find it very confusing and therefore I had to remove pictures from the variations.
Is there any way to make default product picture being displayed regardless of chosen variations?
Hello Saulius,

This is Reina from Ecwid Team. Thank you for your message!

The variations are mostly designed to be able to set the individual prices and pictures to the different combinations of options. When the customers choose a certain variation on the product details page, its picture is shown at checkout so that the customers can know for sure what variation they choose. It's not possible to display the main(default) product picture when an individual picture is uploaded to a variation.

If you want to have variations, but show the main product picture at checkout, you can create variations with their individual prices, but not upload their individual pictures — leave the pictures in the product pictures gallery as you have it now. As a result, the main product picture will be displayed at checkout even if the customers choose a certain variation.

Reina I.