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Originally Posted by El Granjero View Post
Is there a restriction to set up an online store and charge with credit cards in Guatemala? We sell agrochemical products, organic agro industral products, fertilizers, veterinary products, seeds and so on.

Is there a restriction? How would it work?


thanks for your message!

In your Ecwid store, you can sell any products you want, except for the products that are prohibited by your country's law as well as the laws of the countries where you'd like to ship these products.

As for Payment options, Ecwid allows you to set up a plenty of payment methods in your store. Yet you should know that Ecwid doesn’t store or transfer the money to you.

In general it looks like this: Your Ecwid store is connected to an external system that manages payments (payment gateway). The payment gateway receives money from your customers, processes and sends it to your bank account.

That’s why at first you should choose a payment company (payment gateway). You need to register an account in the preferred payment gateway and then setup it in your store.

So, in other words, Ecwid doesn't deal with customers' money. Ecwid collects your customer's data and passes it to special payment system. Then a 3rd party payment processor, charges a credit card of your customer and transfers the money to your merchant account.

Currently, Ecwid is integrated with the following online payment gateways —

In order to check what online payment gateways are supported in your country you need to go to your Ecwid Control panel > Settings > Payments and click "See complete list" button, you'll get a list of payment processors:

In addition to online payments you may also want to accept payments directly to your bank account or collect money from your customers in person. To provide such payment options you can set up offline payment methods in your Ecwid store, like wire transfer or cash on delivery. Please, find the detailed info here:

Hope this helps!
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