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Originally Posted by undefined11696 View Post
I am selling a workshop where people can choose to pay either in full or on a payment plan (paying half now). I know how to create those variations. But, there are limited spaces to the workshop. Normally, I can go in on the backend and control this so that we don't sell more spots than there are, but for upcoming workshops, they will sell out quickly. So, if there are 14 spots available, the following scenarios can happen: 14 purchase in full; 14 purchase to pay half now; 6 purchase in full and 8 on the payment plan, etc. But once it reaches 14, it's out of stock. Is there a way to do that?


This is Stacy from Ecwid Customer Care team.

Thank you for contacting us! I'd be happy to help you.

And, I'm sorry for such long delay in the reply.

I see what you mean. And, I want to ensure you that it is absolutely possible to prevent the overselling, in your case. Let me explain it to you in details.

Basically, Ecwid tracks inventory in real time. If a product has a certain number of items in stock, Ecwid automatically decreases this number as soon as an order is placed.

I recommend you to set up a separate product for each workshop without adding product variations at all. You should add product option with price modifiers for the full product price and for the half price, for example. As a result, your customers will be able to purchase the workshop for the needed price. And, the stock will be changed according to the paid products. Then, you will be able to collect the rest of the product price.

Please, see the detailed step-by-step setup instruction in this forum post:

As for the product variations. The thing is, it is a separate product, in fact. The variation can have the unique quantity, SKU, image or weight, and price. If you decide to use product variations, you should divide the quantity according to product price type (I mean the full and half price). There is an obvious disadvantage of this approach, I guess, you should know the quantity for each price type before the beginning of the sale.

Also, you may want to check out these articles:

I hope this helps. Please, do let me know if it works for you. Thanks!
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