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I have answered in line.

Originally Posted by Cyril D View Post

Thanks for the details!

I've checked your message history, both forum and email, and couldn't find this suggestion, unfortunately. Can I please have a quote from that agent's message? Or a link to the forum post.

It was from a lengthy chat session. I do not have a copy of that.

I've checked your website and see that you've removed the CSS code I've mentioned. Now your customers will be able to place an order with PayPal Express if they face the issue with the green Checkout button (screenshot). I understand that it's not a perfect solution, but it'll work as a temporary workaround till we fix the problem completely.

The screenshot you provided is not what I see upon trying to purchase. First it goes to this screen: then this one: I have never had your screen to show up.

The fix for the issue is ready and, at the moment, our QA-team is testing it.

I'll let you know additionally once it's released.
If you look at my history, you will see that this issue has been going on for over a month.