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Products added to the bag are stored for a long time or until customer clears it or buys the products.
So the customer may adds the items to the bag, return later and buy the same set of products. But the bag is loaded next time Ecwid always checks if it is up to date. For ex., if prices have been changed, the bag will display the new prices. Or if these products have been sold out, the bag will be automatically cleared. Ecwid notifies thecustomer about the changes.

As I understand you have a discount coupon that will be valid only for the next 3 days. And your concern is that the customer will be able to use this coupon because she will have the same set of products. Right? If so, you may not worry. If after 3 days she tries to use this coupon it will not work since it will expire.

Hope I've answered your concern. If you have further questions, please let me know.
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