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Hi David,

Thanks for reaching us out!

We’re very sorry that you’ve faced this issue.

I’ve checked both your stores and noticed that you registered your first Ecwid store via Wix and added it to your site using our official Wix app. In turn, the second store was registered via site directly and embedded into your Wix site by means of Ecwid integration code.

The store which was added with our app is working fine. In the second store I was able to reproduce the issue with navigation. It is reproduced as follows: a customer tries to open a product/a category/the shopping bag page, those pages open, but then the customer is immediately redirected to the store’s root category.

I've reported the case to our engineers and they’re already investigating it.

Despite the fact that we’ll definitely find out the reason of this strange behavior and fix it, please, keep in mind that such integration isn’t considered as official, and we always recommend using our official app for Wix sites.

Thus, while we’re investigating the issue, I suggest you two options:
  1. You can register a new Ecwid store via our Wix application and move products from your old store to the new one using the "Import/Export” feature. In this case you’ll be able to add the store using the official app, which works absolutely fine.
  2. You can temporarily remove the integration code from your site and link the Starter Site (what it is) of your second store to your site’s menu. Once we fix the problem, you can embed your store again.

I hope this helps and we’ll keep you posted in this thread.
Cyril D.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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