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Originally Posted by Chris Rosario View Post
Store ID: 1682361

I received a call from a customer browsing my site and said that the store looks different.

I went online, and the store looks as it does now. I was on the site yesterday and it was fine.

I haven't had any other issues with the front end and im very pleased with the simplicity of ECWID.

Could anyone give me some information on how to fix this?



I've examined your store in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. In all browsers it looks like on this screenshot:
If it's still displayed anyhow distorted, please let us know in what browser (its exact version) and operating system (windows, mac, iphone, etc). Also if possible, ask your customer to send a screenshot to illustrate the problem.
Thank you.
Lana W.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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