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Originally Posted by Jacqueline Kwang View Post
Dear Ecwid,

Just like Dean's request here below, and i quote him:
"When my customers receive automatic order confirmation after successfull order placement, they also receive an automatically generated invoice.
I do not want that invoice in the attachment of the confirmation email. Where can I turn that off? In my country we are obligated to send out original documents of the company and automatically generated files do not count. Is it possible to disable this feature?"

Thank you,
Hi Jacqueline,

Wendy from Ecwid customer care team is here. Thanks for reaching out!

As I understand you'd like to disable invoices attached to email notifications, right?

If so, then there's no such built-in option to remove invoices from notifications, I'm afraid. However, I can ask our engineers to disable this feature specifically for your store - Store ID 11732010.

Please, confirm that you want to disable invoices in email notifications, and I'll submit a request to our development team. Thank you!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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