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Originally Posted by Stefano Cazzani View Post
Indeed one of the major limitation of ECWID now is that it is not able to print a legally valid invoice in the EU.

The biggest problem is that on all B2B invoices we are required to print both the shop owner's VAT id and the client's VAT ID.

Unfortunately, Ecwid currently cannot automate that because we don't have any available field to ask the client's VAT ID at checkout.
(as a temporary workaround, we ask our customer to write that into the note field, but that does not allow to automate anything).

The same problem may arise in several EU countries (including Italy) for B2C transactions as well.
For certain goods, we must ask consumers (who don't have a VAT ID) their so called 'codice fiscale' that must be printed on the invoice to be a valid one.

I would reccomend Ecwid developers to read this:

Don't be scared, all you must read is paragraph 1.4.1

More than willing to help improve ECwid if we can

Thanx for the details. As I mentioned in the previous message, because Ecwid is used in hundreds of countries with their own rules we are to develop a universal (or at least comfortable) solution. If for ex. we change the invoices to suit Italian laws, it might break, e.g., US laws.
So an obvious universal variant would be to allow customizing invoices or adding extra fields on checkout. This way sellers from Italy as well USA will be able to add any extra details to the invoices. The extra checkout fields are already on the way, please vote for it here:
and we'll notify when it's implemented.

For now I'd like to suggest the following ways to work this around:

1. To append your company's VAT number to the invoices, please use this solution:
How to add tax number to invoices

2. To make your customers leave their tax id, you can use an existing checkout field like 'Company':
In the Ecwid control panel, System Settings → General → Cart, enable the 'Ask for company name' option. This will enable the Company field in the address forms on the checkout.
Then you can rename this field into, say, 'VAT ID/codice fiscale' by using this method:
Additionally you can rename one more field, e.g., 'Address line 2'.
Thus there can be either one field 'VAT ID/codice fiscale' or two fields "VAT ID" and "Codice Fiscale (if no VAT)".
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