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Originally Posted by Nikki Barlow View Post
Hi Can anyone send me a excel template for importing all my options? I have 530 products and I would like one option with Sample or Full roll on each product. I cant really understand the knowledge base info on this subject. I have options and variations but i believe I cant import variations so I will have to go through each one but with this csv I can import the options as least and reduce the work load. Thanks in advance

see screenshots for details of how i would like them setup
Hello Nikki!

We already replied to your request via email. However, I will post the answer here for those who might be also interested in it.

I checked your screenshots and as I see you setup options and variations for your product in Ecwid control panel>Catalog>Products>a product page, "Options" tab. Basically, if you want to add some extra pricing to your base product price you can use price modifiers (instead of product variations),see the screenshot: Please refer to this article to learn how you can use and set up product options in Ecwid:

You are actually right, you can import product options via X-Cart import format. But it is not possible to import product variations, so you will need to create them manually. You'll find the example of CSV import file attached in the end of this article:

Also, if you want to create the same options for almost all your products, you can use this application called Bulk product editor. This application gives you an ability to add/remove options, and add/remove choices to these options for several products at once in your store.

Hope, this helps! If you need further assistance, please, let me know.
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