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Default Creating New Website to Accomodate ecwid

I am in the process of having a custom website designed for my primary business (florist). I plan to have a page of my website that will also act as a stand-alone website with its own domain, for a side business (candles). I would like to use ecwid for the candle business.

My question: would I be better off utilising a static page of my blog for the candle page that will use ecwid, rather than having it as a part of the custom website?

How many pages will I need for ecwid? Will the static pages my business blog suffice?

I am paying per page for the website, which is why I am considering the static pages. Also, I am comfortable with blogger but don't have website building skills.

Thanks for your help. I hope this question is okay, I feel stuck at the first hurdle.