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Originally Posted by PC Input View Post
This function is not working as far as I can tell for non-apparel goods.
Whilst the process goes through the motions (ie - create new product type, assign new product type to goods, enter in values) the Google feed is not picking up the new taxonomy class for that product. It is still only passing the general taxonomy to the google feed.
Please can you clarify the working state of this please.

You're right. Ecwid currently specifies only the general products category in the feed, i.e. the one you choose under the 'Marketplaces' section in your Ecwid control panel. So, you can set different taxonomies for your products and in case of Apparel-kind ones, the necessary attributes will be passed to the feed, but all products will have the same (general) category in the feed.

We will change this in the future Ecwid versions, so you'll be able to have different taxonomy for different products in the feed as well.

I've added this note to my message above in this thread as well. Thank you for pointing this out.
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