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As you properly mentioned, Google requires color, size, gender, age group and brand attributes to be set in the feed for apparel products:

Ecwid supports this so you can make your Ecwid products feed to comply with the requirements. To do it, you will need to use special Apparel product types and the corresponding attributes instead of custom attributes under General class. How to do it:
1. Create a product type with Apparel & Accessories taxonomy assigned:
  • In your control panel, navigate to Catalog -> Product types
  • Click 'New product type' and choose the type that you think better fits your products under the 'Apparel & Accessories' group, e.g. 'Clothing'
  • The new created product type will appear with a set of pre-defined attributes (UPC, brand, age, color, gender, size). Screenshot:

2. Assign a product to the created type and set attributes for it:
  • On the product details page, open the 'Attributes' tab
  • Assign the new type to the product and set attributes. Screenshot:

That's all. Now the product will be treated as an item that requires a special set of attributes and those attributes will get to the feed along with the other product data. Please do so for each product you need to make apparel.

After that, the new generated Google shopping feed will contain the updated product with mentioned attributes. Please mind Ecwid generates the updated feed each 12 hours so you will need to wait a bit.

NOTE: Ecwid currently specifies only the general products category in the feed, i.e. the one you choose under the 'Marketplaces' section in your Ecwid control panel. So, you can set different taxonomies for your products and in case of Apparel-kind ones, the necessary attributes will be passed to the feed, but in the feed all products will have the same general category. We will change this in the future Ecwid versions, so you'll be able to have different taxonomy for different products in the feed as well.

P.S.: thank you for pointing to the misleading info in our KB and sorry for the inconveniences it caused. We will fix it.
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