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Thanks for the message. And sorry for the waiting.

I reproduced your situation by placing an order in my Ecwid store using the same notification template and got abbreviation instead of full name of province as well.

Let me explain how the notifications tags work in Ecwid.

Ecwid allows using different notification tags depending on your needs. Tags allow you to show certain information in the notifications and customize the way they are displayed. For instance, when you use %..._stateOrProvinceCode% tag, then the state/province name is shown as a code of that specific state which contains of a few upper-case letters (e.g., KNT for Kent or ESS for Essex). In case the tag %..._stateOrProvinceName% is used Ecwid sends notifications which contain the full name of the state.

I’ve checked your Ecwid notification templates and noticed that you’re using notification tags %..._stateOrProvinceCode%. Therefore you're getting abbreviations. If you want the name of the states to be shown in full you can:

1. Replace the tags %..._stateOrProvinceCode% with the tags %..._stateOrProvinceName%


1. Return the default settings. To return the default settings, please do the following:

a. Go to System Settings -> Mail -> Notifications
b. Choose necessary notification templates (“Edit the message”)
c. Click button “Revert to system default” and then “Save” in the pop-up window of notification template. Please see the attached screenshots:
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As a result your mail notifications will include full name of state.

More info about mail notifications in our Knowledge Base.

I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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