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Default Can this be done?


I am evaluating ecwid. Looks good, but I have a few questions before we can say it will work for our unique requirements. I very much hope someone more experience than I with ecwid can help.

We are a non-profit and one of our "products" (a documentary film on DVD) is free with a free shipping option (this option is grant-supported). Other items have price tags attached to them, with all profits going to cancer research.

1) Will the payment provider step be skipped if the order total is $0? If not, can it be customized so it is skipped? The idea here is we need to export $0 orders so they can be fulfilled, but we don't want to show them anything requiring credit card entry in that case.

2) This free product is limited to one copy per customer. Is there a way to do that?

3) One product is a poster. There are two options for this product: signed by the movie director and personalized with a custom message. The personalized version is $10 more. We have prototyped setting the options and increasing the price. That works well. Is it possible to customize so that, if the personalized option is chosen, a textarea control appears so the customer can enter the text of their personalization? This text needs to somehow end up in the fulfillment export (CSV).

Thank you in advance for your help!