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Originally Posted by Seb View Post

I would like to add custom text under "Checkout" button on "Your Shopping Bag" page. Though I am not seeing an update after pasting the following code in my Weebly page where my Ecwid widgets are.

Can anyone see what is wrong with the code below??

ecwidMessages = {
"ShoppingCartView.custom_terms_n_conditions":"Don' t have a PayPal account?,
...and want to pay via credit card?,
Look out for credit card options in PayPal.",

Many Thanks!
All text shown by Ecwid on the storefront can be changed by inserting javascript code with updated text labels as described in this article.

The code that you provided isn’t working because you specified the value of ShoppingCartView.custom_terms_n_conditions text label in multiple lines which prevented Ecwid from interpreting it correctly. If you wish to show the text label in multiple lines you should use <br> line breaker HTML tag in the value of text label for that:

ecwidMessages = {
"ShoppingCartView.custom_terms_n_conditions":"Don' t have a PayPal account?<br>...and want to pay via credit card?<br>Look out for credit card options in PayPal."
The javascript code for modification of text labels should be inserted before Ecwid integration code. This is how to do that for a Weebly web-site:

- Log into your Weebly account and proceed to DESIGN page through the navigation menu at the top.
- Click the “Edit HTML/CSS” button.
- Select the HTML file that you used as a layout for the page to which you added Ecwid.
- Add the code I listed above right after the <body> tag.
- Save changes and publish your web-site.

That will add the text your javascript code contains below the “Checkout” button on the shopping basket page.
Bulat F.,
Ecwid Team

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