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Originally Posted by Diane Benzie1 View Post
I have just made my Ecwid store open to my customers. However, my customers have asked if Ecwid is secure. While I did find this information:

Ecwid's advantages — you don't need to get an SSL certificate to get secure checkout. You already have it. In order to show that the checkout is secure, Ecwid shows an image of a padlock on its checkout page.

I do have the Ecwid integration code with https: I still do not see the padlock or information that the web site is secure and encrpyted. Do I also need to purchase an SSL certificate? I assume the answer was no being Ecwid has the security options. Please help. I do not want to have other customers not understand this when it can be so simple.

Web site is

Thank you for your question, it's one of the major concerns of almost all store owners. We pay maximum attention to security in Ecwid, keeping data of our clients and of your customers in safe is of the highest priority for us. We have an inhouse team of engineers who work on maintaining and improving the system, plus automatic monitoring of server activities. At that all this work is done totally by us, you don't have to think about it.
All data is transmitted through secured protocols (HTTPS). The padlock is displayed attached to the address form, if you mouse over it it will show this (screenshot from your Ecwid store):
HTTPS is not seen in the browser address bar because Ecwid is embedded into your site and is used as a part of it. Some components of your site can be loaded through HTTPS, yet it doesn't make the whole site run under HTTPS.
So if you want to display HTTPS in your site URL and the secure padlock in the browser (in the browser window, not on site pages), you should obtain an SSL certificate for your domain as recommended in this article:
Also you can add secure seals (a secure icon telling visitors that the site is secured and trusted) to demonstrate that your checkout is secure:
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